The GOP Goes Full Authoritarian



The classic example is Hungary, where Fidesz, the white nationalist governing party, has effectively taken over the bulk of the media; destroyed the independence of the judiciary; rigged voting to enfranchise supporters and disenfranchise opponents; gerrymandered electoral districts in its favor; and altered the rules so that a minority in the popular vote translates into a supermajority in the legislature.

Does a lot of this sound familiar? It should. You see, Republicans have been adopting similar tactics — not at the federal level (yet), but in states they control.


If I were a constitutional lawyer, maybe I would have a clue about how scenarios like Wisconsin – and North Carolina, where the Republicans used this playbook to the letter in the immediately preceding election – could be countered with new law. As it is, protecting incoming executive-rank politicians from encroachment by the legislature is a two-edged sword; it would have protected the incoming Democrats, but would have protected Trump if there had been a Democratic Congressional majoriy. When fundamental principles are different depending on whether you are the winner or the loser, we are back with Machiavelli watching the power plays of the Borgias and the Gonzagas, not in our ostensibly “better” United States.


I think the real concern with Wisconsin is that they’ve gerrymandered the majority out of power. That is simply undemocratic.

But I agree about not really understanding how to address the problem in an effective, fair, and constitutionally consistent manner.