Getting my hands dirty with food production



Over the past year, I’ve been reading books and watching a lot of videos on urban gardening/backyard farming and the like—but like many things, you can’t get good at it without doing the hard work with your hands.

My ultimate goal is to be able to establish a sense of food sovereignty within my neighborhood in an effort to spread the idea of mutual aid. I’ve always been convinced that food sharing is a wonderful and effective way of doing just that, though as poverty and climate worsen I also see it as necessary for survival.

The obvious next step is working on an organic farm. With the Homeless Garden Project in transition, I’m awaiting new opportunities to learn there—but are there other things folks would recommend that I may be missing?


Would you like to come help us plant fruit trees in February this year?


CASFS has volunteer days.

As does the arboretum.

Local Flipjack Ranch works with WWOOFers.

Another idea is an entry level job.

In addition to the big planting and harvesting pushes around here, we could usually use help with weeding, mulching, and gopher trapping.


There are also several neighborhood community gardens in Santa Cruz county.


Thanks! I replied to a few forms asking about opportunities outside of my usual 10-4 job.