Constructor Theory Explains the Possibility of Life



[Constructor theory] answers this question: given that the laws of physics are no‑design, and that accurate self‑reproducers and replicators do exist in living things and are required by the theory of evolution, what conditions must those constructors and those no‑design laws have to be compatible with one another?

First, one establishes what features are necessary for the operation of an accurate constructor such as a car factory, under such laws. It turns out that such a machine must follow a recipe – a sequence of elementary instructions to perform the task and to correct any errors occurring along the way. Because these instructions are simple, they do not require any special design to be executed – they are transformations such as, say, a dial ‘clicking’ into place; or a water molecule assuming the right shape when hydrogen and oxygen atoms collide. They are straightforwardly compatible with no‑design laws of physics.