A new gathering place



Ah, the wonders of the internet. Most people feel it’s a benefit to a society, but the proportion of people who agree is declining.

We feel it helps us to be better connected, but we are concerned about addictive behaviors and privacy and security issues. In spite of increasingly heavy use, social media platforms do not necessarily provide the most accurate information.

The consequences of disinformation can go way beyond dinner-table disputes and lead to violence and genocide and corrupted elections.

When the social media platforms should be taking responsibility for protecting us from these harms, we find that they are instead participating in furthering harm. This is to say nothing of the harm that surveillance capitalism represents to our privacy, safety, and security.

Because we see the potential for the internet to bring us closer together as a community, to share more accurate and effective information, to correct the social harms our broken institutions have inflicted, to inform, connect, and entertain. Because we see the potential for these things to exist without selling our personal and private data out to the highest bidder, we have created this forum.

Please stick around and join the conversation. Post what you would have posted on social media. Use tags to make things easier to find later. As the site grows, we’ll also add categories as another navigational aid. We’re going to let you, the community that has grown up around Birdsong Orchards, decide what belongs here on this site. You’ll do it organically over time. We’re not going to rush it or force it. We’re going to protect you from abuse. This is a safe place to express yourself and your ideas, your experiences, your life as you live it.

Welcome and thanks for joining!

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